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Top 10 Cafés in Marbella

Posted by Angel on December 19, 2019

Raise your hand all you coffee-lovers! I would raise both if I could.

According to a survey analyst’s opinion: “Coffee is among the most consumed beverages worlwide. Roughly 42,6 litres can be consumed per person and year.” And if you have ever been to Spain before, you can easily tell that spaniards are serious coffee lovers/adicts. 

So that being said, let’s get down to the real thing here… shall we? Top 10 Cafés in Marbella. Let’s see what this beautiful town has to offer regarding COFFEE!

1. Purolatte

Chic, quality and affordable, Purolatte has it all. Italian coffee is served in vintage mugs and tea is served in a whole teapot just for you! You can find a wide range of crepes, waffles, croissants, cakes, ice creams to pair along with the beverage of your choice. Personal favourites would be: waffle with maple syrup topping or the ham and melted cheese croissant (what they call a “mixto” here in Southern Spain).

2. Amaretto

People mainly come here for the cakes and pies, being their best product. Either its a carrot cake, banoffee pie, berry cake, nuts cake, lemon sponge cake, one of their brownie variations… the list could go on. They are all delicious! And of course, everything tastes better with a cup of coffee. 

3. Rosas Café

This Café always puts a lot of detail into their presentation: unique and elegance could describe them. They make you feel like if you were in a high end French Café, enjoy their macaroons, açai fruit bowls, cakes and also a healthy lunch menu along with the beauty of the place. 

4. Celicioso

This café/bakery/restaurant specializes in gluten free products. You can choose from a wide range of fruit bowls, cupcakes, cakes, etc to have with your coffee, smoothie or even a ginger shot. This spot’s highlights are its gluten free concept and tropical inspired terrace, where you can enjoy the Mediterranean Sun.

5. Breathe - Ground

Breathe is a brand new gastro bar that counts with a restaurant, café and cocktail bar. It’s innovating ecological concept and approach reflected in its architecture, energy and organic products has been making it a very popular spot. Its café: Ground, offers coffees, brunches, smoothies among other things.

6. Café Les Deux

Located in the most expensive area in Marbella: “The Golden Mile”, this is a high end French style british franchise (London and Montecarlo being other of its locations). This place is perfect for a special occasion or if you are simply craving a chic place to have your coffee and pair it with their large selection of macaroons and pastries. They also have brunches and lunch menus. Popular among influencers.

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7. Granier

Popular Spanish franchise and great place to pair your coffee with a slice of pizza, one of their delicious focaccias or their pastries selection. It’s a cozy little spot in Marbella Centre.

8. La Canasta

One of Marbella’s first cafés was renovated a couple years ago and has never been more popular among Marbella’s locals. Located on the opposite sidewalk of Marbella’s Old Town, La Canasta is the perfect spot to have a break from sightseing and still be able to continue without going to far. You will love what their menu has to offer! 

9. El Piave

Being another of Marbella’s well known cafés, El Piave is well known among the locals. Its history is very interesting: this café’s origin comes from an ice-cream truck in Austria and now has several cafés in America, Germany and Spain. Marbella’s one is located steps away from the beach side in the centre of town.

10. Goyo

Goyo is one of the most popular cafés in Marbella and has been around for years. 2020 being their 60 year anniversary in town! Its a fancy cafe to have your coffee. Also located in Marbella Centre! 

EXTRA: And if you prefer to grab a take-away coffee why not pair it with something sweet/savoury also to take-away? We know the perfect place: Pastelería Cantero in Marbella’s Old Town. You won’t be dissapointed, it’s a small bakery but everything is made with a big heart and lots of love, you can certainly taste that! 

You will find many other places in Marbella for coffee, but there’s no need to worry if you can’t decide, because now you have a guide! (Pun Intended)

Try them for yourself and see if you like them as much as we do!

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