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Rental procedure

Rental Procedure:

At Marbedom, after 10 years of experience in the rental market; due to the unregulated nature of this particular market, we have proudly devised on the best-functioning system there is in the entire Costa del Sol in order to simplify and accommodate our clients’ diverse rental needs.

There are two types of rentals:

1) Short-term (less than 6-months contract).

2) Long-term (above 6-months contract).

  • Short-term: As per the regulations imposed as of 2013 by Junta de Andalucia, properties should acquire touristic code (codigo turistico) along with first occupancy license. Afterwards, if the client likes the rental property, the daily or weekly prices of stays in the property should be sourced from the client plus the minimum of 20% commission added on top for the representative agency of the client (Marbedom).
  • Long-term: once the property is viewed and liked after the viewing registration form signed; the client will have to pay 2 months security deposit and the current month in case a work contract along with other financial supportive documentations could be provided by the client. Otherwise, the entire length of stay of the client should be covered beforehand
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