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Spanish Golden visa

The legal framework of Golden Visa was introduced in 2013 allowing the rare opportunity for non-residents of Marbella and Costa del Sol to acquire Spanish residence based on numbers of options such as: a) property investment, b) financial assets and c) a viable business project. This type of visa can grant long-term and permanent residences for smart investors.
Golden visa Marbella

Golden visa Marbella

In the Spanish legal system, the term ‘significant investment’ is required to be achieved by non-residents in order to acquire long-term or permanent residence.

This term is quantified by the following investment measurements which are set differently for each category of investment such as: 1) investment in financial assets, 2) business or property investments.

1) Investment in financial assets is divided and measured into four different sub-categories, as follows:

A- €2,000,000 minimum.

B- Stocks or shares in Spanish companies: €1,000,000 minimum.

C- Closed-end or risk-capital funds: €1,000,000.

D- Deposits in Spanish banks: €1,000,000.

2) Investment in a business or a property divided and measured into one sub-category, as follows:

A- Value-based real estate investment: €500,000 minimum.

These investment categories if done correctly and wisely with the help of professional brokers at Marbedom will get non-residents and tourists fundamental rights of ownership as well as long-term and permanent residence.

The procedure for the application of real estate investment for the purpose of obtainment of Golden Visa is incentive-based in the sense that; investors are given a 6-months long-term visa through which they can come to Spain yet the visa will be granted based on the following conditions:

A- An earnest-money agreement to guarantee performance must be signed beforehand.

B- And the deposit of purchase price into a Spanish bank when the investor is here and has liked his/her dream property.

Afterwards, once the property is proven to be sold to the property investor through:

A- Public Deed of Sale &

B- Land-registry Certificate

Then the investor has acquired the right to apply for a one-year investment-based residence which will grant the right to live and work within Spain legally.

Upon the expiry of one-year investment-based residence, the investor/s can apply for a two-year residence called: ‘an initial investor residence permit’.

If the investor remains interested in staying in Spain, then the investment-based residence given to foreign investors will be renewed for the successive periods of up to 5 years so long as the inital conditions that gave rise to the right to residency remain unchanged.

However, foreign investor/s can also apply for investment-based residence through acquiring majority of the shares in the registered office of the legally established company.

In case the foreign investor/s is not physically here in Spain, the due power of attorney shall be granted to the representative attorney of the foreign investor in order to initiate the investment-based or visa residence application.

Furthermore, each foreign investor must provide €500,000 as that amount is the minimum requirement for the grant of investment-based residence to only one investor.

In the case of married couples wishing to apply for two separate investment residences, then the minimum amount should be doubled up to: €1,000,000 minimum.

In the case of €500,000 property investment and the obtainment of one foreign investor residence, then the family members of the particular foreign investor shall become entitled to application for residence based on the purpose of ‘family reunification’.

At Marbedom Real Estate, we can deliver each client a customized investment-based consultation through 10-years of constant and valuable experiences through the precious contacts we have made available to the property market of Marbella and Costa del Sol in general.

In simpler terms, foreign investors are completely taken care of from their pick-up point at the airport to purchasing their dream property and filing for their investment-based residence and visa applications.

We are proud to dome and shield your investment interests and more importantly rights.

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